Why Is The Yorkshire Terrier So Popular?

I’ve been a crazy Yorkshire Terrier owner for about 16 years now and thought I should share a great Yorkie website than I came across. I own 2 gorgeous Yorkshire Terriers at present; Jes and Mac.

I spend a lot of my time on the internet looking at Yorkshire Terrier websites and think this one is really neat. http://www.myyorkiesecrets.com because it has an awesome array of Yorkie info. I love all the yorkie dog pictures and the articles are very informative.

I bought Sharda Bakers Yorkshire Terrier ebook and audio package and love it! It’s full of really cool Yorkie dog tips that work. There’s also a neat free yorkshire Terrier online course that’s awesome.

Below is one of the articles form Sharda’s website I wanted to share with anyone else who loves Yorkshire Terriers. (I have Sharda’s permission to share this).

OK, here we go.

Why Is The Yorkshire Terrier So Popular?

Well, Yorkshire Terriers are unique in both their small size and their big personalities. They are a toy breed, and a full-grown Yorkie will not weigh more than seven pounds. This makes them a great pet for those people that want a dog, but don’t have space to take care of a larger breed.

Don’t ever let the small size Yorkshire Terriers mislead you though as they are a terrific watchdog and have the attitude of a full sized dog when it comes to protecting their territory.


The Yorkshire Terrier is a true terrier, and with this it has some natural hunting instincts. They are known for the intelligence and ability to figure things out. This comes from their hunting ability, where they were required to decide how to get to rats and other vermin that they were tracking.

In addition to being very intelligent dogs, Yorkies are also very loving and loyal pets. They bond quickly to caring and loving people, and enjoy being a part of the family. Yorkies love to be petted and enjoy spending time with humans.

They tend to bond more strongly with mature people or older children, and are a bit nervous of younger children. If the younger kids are taught not to tease or scare the Yorkie they can get along very nicely. As with any small dog, young children want to constantly pick-up and carry them, and the Yorkshire Terrier may find this handling stressful if the children are not taught to hold them properly.

Yorkshire Terriers are also excellent watchdogs. They are terrific at protecting the house, yard and other possessions, and will bark loudly if any strangers approach their territory. Due to their small size they are not too intimidating, but they are great at letting owners know if strangers or strange animals are around.


Yorkies are very eager to please and love to receive praise and attention. They are relatively easy to train but require consistency or they will quickly learn bad habits. Their natural intelligence allows them to figure out ways to get around following commands if not consistently trained.

It is important to socialize your Yorkie dog as early as possible, to prevent them from becoming anxious in new places. Socialization also helps your dog understand that not all strangers or strange animals are dangerous.

Yorkies benefit from crate toilet training training as it gives them a safe place to go that is similar to a den. This is a good idea if you have lots of visitors and the Yorkie is upset or requires a bit of relaxation. It is also an excellent way to travel with your dog, as they become accustomed to the crate while in the car, train or airplane.

In summary, the Yorkshire Terrier is a good family dog. Despite its small size it is an excellent watchdog, and can be taught to bark and then stop on command. The Yorkie loves to interact with the family, and will quickly find a favorite spot on the coach or a lap to sit on. A very affectionate dog, the Yorkie needs to be with people, and responds very well to praise.

That’s the end of the article from http://www.myyorkiesecrets.com

Hope you enjoyed it. It’s my favorite Yorkie site.


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